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    Once we get up and running full speed, we are planning for the "Member Area" of the web site (only accessible with your Member ID & Password) to contain the following areas.

  • The "Regulations" :  The most important part of the Web Site. In order to be a "Well Regulated Militia" it is necessary to have "Regulations" our members strive to adhere to. While most (if not all) of these "Regulations" are posted on the "Public Site", the most current "Regulations" must be posted in the "Members Area" for review and suggested revision by our members.

       The "Regulations" are the foundation of the "United Citizens Well Regulated Militia" and the principal definition of who and what we are within the description of the Second Amendment.

  • Sponsors to Member Discount Page(s) :  We have no doubt that there will be in interest in our goal of protecting our Right 2 Bear Arms. To that end, we would like to start our Web Site Sponsorships out by having our Sponsors offer discounts to our membership rather than paying us advertising fees. We feel this works best for both our members and our sponsors. This allows smaller sponsors into our arena, and provides larger discounts for our members.

  • Member Suggestion Page :  While we feel we've come up with a great idea to protect our arms ownership rights, we are well aware of the fact that we can't think of everything of interest our Members might dream up. We want to provide a service that is valuable, educational, enjoyable, scalable, and of great interest to our members and potential members. While we may not be able to implement every suggestion, we look forward to your input to grow "Our Militia".

  • Member "Vote" Page :  In addition to "Member Suggestions" indicated above, our own staff has ideas and function they wish to include in the Member Area of this web site. Since some of these ideas take time, it would be best for us to know what is most important to our members so we can get to those features and functions first.

  • Content Submission Page :  We believe most of our members like to read, or you wouldn't have made it this far into the web site. With the millions of Arms Owners in the United States, we're sure that they have stories that would be of interest to our Membership. Be the story about; wins in the right to bear arms arena, gun cleaning, arms used in self defense of self, others, or their livestock, finds of antique arms, etc.. The list is endless. We would like to provide a forum for this content.

  • Content Pages :  We anticipate this being the largest and most interesting part of the Member Only Web Site. Once we start receiving and indexing content, such as that shown below, we are of course going to want to display it on the web site, for your information and enjoyment.

    Articles Short Stories Stories
    U.S. News State News Local News
    Cartoons Photos Video

  • Moderated Blog Page :  While we sometimes enjoy the exchange of ideas in a public forum, blogs, at least non-moderated blogs allow for allot of hatred, profanity, sexual innuendo and personal attacks in the forum. That is not what the "United Citizens Well Regulated Militia" is about. This is and will remain a "Family Oriented Web Site" so the only way we can offer a blog, is to moderate the content of posts. We sincerely hope you agree with and support our position.

  • Supporting Organizations :  A list of other organizations, associations, clubs and such, that support our goals. There are many National, Regional, State, County, and City Organizations, that pursue our goal in a different manner. While we would like to "Partner" with some of these groups, we know that will take time. However, it's in all our members best interest to know who these other groups are so we can support each other!

  • U.C.W.R.M. Affiliates :  We are hoping that some of our own members join together to form "Affiliate Associations/Militias" that will allow group gatherings of members in their geographical area. This page will provide that information to our members, allow these "Affiliates" discounted group membership rates in the "United Citizens Well Regulated Militia" as well as providing them their own area of this web site for their own management.

  • Contact Us Page :  We know there are times when a member, member group, or sponsor needs to contact us. We have also learned after many years of designing and hosting web sites, that publishing our "Real Time Contact Information" (phone number, fax number & e-mail address directly) generates 97% unwanted contact from people wasting our time, for every 3% of contacts supporting our customers, suppliers, or advertisers.

       To prevent this and keep our membership fees affordable, we will have a "Membership Contact Form" in our "Members Area" much like the Public Form on our Web Site located at: You will only have to fill out the portion of the form required for what you are contacting us about. Once submitted you will get an e-mail telling you the best way to contact us, of if you chose, we will get back to you in the manner you selected.

  • Membership Store :  Once we get going we will have a Membership Store selling "United Citizens Well Regulate Militia" Branded Items at a price reflecting our goal of making our Militia affordable to all members. Right now we are considering the following in the order listed. Of course, we'll put this to vote of the members once we get that page published:

    • Embroidered Patches Shoulder:  We Prefer 100% Coverage and are 3.5" to 4.5" in size.
    • Bumper Stickers:  Standard Size Quality Vinyl.
    • Coffee Mugs:  We Prefer Large Ceramic with Large Handle
    • Embroidered Patches Jacket Back:  We Prefer 100% Coverage and are 12" to 14" in size.

       For the above products, what we decide on, and the order we decide to have it made, will depend on what the majority of the membership want, and the ability for us to pay for it in full (with existing membership fees) at time of order.    If there are members or sponsors that wish other product here to get things going, feel free to contact us.



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